• Annette Dion

The Challenge of Change ~ Reaching Out To Help

It’s that time of year again.   Blankets and afghans come back out of hiding.  The morning coffee warms my chilly fingers.  I open the door and feel a nip at my nose. Yes, Fall is here!

I switch out the clothes in my wardrobe from summer to cooler weather.  In the process, I notice the shelves need dusting and de-cluttering.  I tend to these things and feel a shift happening. I feel lighter, freer, easier somehow.  I have taken care of myself by attending to the environment around me. I feel alive and alert.  All is well. When I am finished I prop my feet up and enjoy the feeling of refreshed surroundings and a new season.  It feels magical! If you have had this type of experience, you are in a healthy flow. Some people around you however, may not be able to do this.  And sometimes, believe it or not, it shows up in a reading. In a reading, if a client or someone around them, like a friend or relative, is having a hard time making shifts in life (like that of a change of seasons), I might have a vision. For example, it may be of a heavy person in a dark room lying on a couch sleeping. The guidance may be that this person needs some compassionate care and attention. It is possible that he or she is in a state of depression.

Someone in this condition may be experiencing such low energy that they are not able to move with the change of seasons.  Helping them could catapult them out of a depressed state, clearing the way for new, healthy things to come rushing in. It really can make a difference. When making changes becomes overwhelming we need to not go at it alone.  If you or someone you know is having trouble adjusting to change and getting their surroundings in order, perhaps you can be the positive catalyst by lending a helping hand.  If you are unable to personally assist, you might consider hiring a cleaner and/or organizer to do the job. You can pass along the magic!

Check in…is there someone who could use your help?  Remember, this is a reciprocal Universe.  What we give out comes back. Someday you may need some assistance with making a shift, and it will lovingly be offered to you. Namaste. 

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